Properties and Services

Our library is the document information center of our university, the academic institute for teaching and scientific research of USST. The fundamental responsibility is to implement the Regulations for Common University or College Library of state and the requirements for the Library and Information Service of our university party committee and president, to publicize Marxism -Leninism , Mao Zedong thought , Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of “three represents” and the excellent achievements of human science and culture, to perform the education and information functions, to cultivate the high-quality talents with lofty ideals, moral integrity, better education and good sense of discipline for China socialist construction, to develop the undertaking of education , science and culture, and to make contributions to the socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization construction. The primary tasks and responsibilities include:

I. Collect the related materials based on the requirements of the nature mission, major offered, political and ideological education and scientific research and construct a characteristic collection system corresponding to the university education and research.II. Apply the scientific management to all books and journals in safety guard, rational distribution, counting-and-rejection and effective establishment of fixed asset accounts of literature.

III. Organize the classification of literatures, cataloguing, processing and perfection of the computerizing collection database.

IV. Provide a good circulation and reading condition for all staff and students in our university and other readers. Create an excellent reading environment and cultural atmosphere.

 V. Strengthen the contacts with the other university libraries and Shanghai library. Gradually build up an online retrieval system related to foreign intelligence information organizations. Try to realize the computerization, network and virtualization.

VI. Carry out the reader guidance work. Enhance the teaching of “Literature Retrieval and Utilization”. Cultivate the readers’ awareness of intelligence information and ability of using document information.

VII. Develop the document information resource. Carry out the services of intelligence analysis, information compilation and reference.

VIII. Integrate and coordinate the document information of our university. Guide the reference room of each school/institute.

IX. Take part in the entire construction of the library and information cause. Carry out the interlibrary loan to share the document resources.

X. Carry out the academic research and exchanges to improve the theoretical research of library and information science. Strengthen the professional training of the on-service staff to establish a librarian team with high enthusiasm to library cause, noble professional ethics, strong professional theory and skills.

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